Friday, November 6, 2009

Tum tum is yum yum !!!!

We have had some beautiful food here in Luang Prabang, beautiful restaurants in lush tropical settings.
Last night we went to the TUM TUM CHENG restaurant which also has a cooking school.
What we had:
  • River weed crackers with sesame seeds
  • TUM TUM secret soup ( chicken & pumpkin coconut & spices )  YUM YUM !!!
  • Lemon Grass Pork
  • Fish cooked in banana leaf with coconut & spices
combined with Beer Lao YUM YUM !!!!

Other food we have sampled.
  • Wild mushroom warm salad with spices.
  • Buffalo Laos sausages
  • Crispy spring rolls
  • Laos fish cakes
  • Duck Curry
  • Beef larp
  • various noodle soups for lunch
Most restaurants are very inexpensive, mains about $3 to $6

1 comment:

Ron D. (Australia) said...

You're making me awfully hungry, guys! ;)