Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Malibu Cambodia

Our stay in the sea side town of Kep in the south of Cambodia is at a very quiet resort with quite luxurious rooms and a huge swimming pool costing $50 a double including breakfast.
It looks like this town is undergoing a revival boom at present but it is still a sleepy little back water which was once the Riviera of Cambodia. The royal family have a residence here although most of the grand villas built from the thirties into the sixties are now ruins destroyed by the Khmer Rouge army.
Before cominmg to The Malibu estate we had two very pleasant days at The Beach House overlooking Kep Beach.
Unfortunately we had to move as there was a previous booking for our room but our new place The Malibu although not overlooking the beach is really very nice.
The food in this town is very good, we try a different hotel / guest house/ restaurant every night.
Seafood is a specialty of Kep, there is a Crab Market not far from here, with restaurants along the sea front.
Yesterday we went on a Tuk Tuk tour of the closest big town, Kampot. We remembered that not so many years ago two young tourists were kidnapped and killed by Khmer Rouge here. It is all so hard to imagine these things could happen in this country of pleasant smiling people.The lush countryside was quite magnificent and we were glad to do the trip in a bouncing took-took which seemed to take hours.
Some restaurants to try out were, Le Flamboyant in a lovely garden setting.By Cambodian standards expensive but there was a great chef here. The menu was in  French.

The Beach House Hotel

The boat builders of Kampot

Fishing boats at Kep

Crab Market at Kep

We have the Big Banana they have the Big CRAB !!!

The Malibu Estate Gardens where we stayed

Inside one of the many ruins in Kep