Friday, November 6, 2009

Luang Prabang We Love It

This is our last day here, we have found this town to be one of the loveliest of places we have ever visited.
The wonderful ambience,the beautifully kept streetscapes, the superb ancient temples, the gorgeous river side setting with mountains in the background, the yummy food, the lovely people, the cool evenings and mornings,the monks procession, the Buddha caves, the royal palace, the peace of not having many vehicles, lovely guest houses and small hotels, the charming laneways..........the flowers......
Well. what more can we say, you must come here soon.

Some shots from our stay in Luang Prabang

Our car awaits to drive us to the airport, a $20 splurge, a five minute drive one way.

View from hotel restaurant

Street gardens

Lanes connecting streets in town are beautifully planted

Euphorbias ar very commonly used here

Temple in Royal palace grounds

Royal palace museum

Ancient Buddhist Wat

Many Buddhas

Even more Buddhas

View from restaurant where we had lunch on Mekong River

Our next house....gorgeous !!

We are coming back in November 2010 for an extended stay before it gets too touristed, and before we can no longer afford to travel

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Ron said...

If I was to ask you if you're missing Wed afternoons, I think I know what the answer would be! :)