Thursday, November 12, 2009

Phnom Phen

After a very uncomfortable and crushed bus trip fom Siem Reap we are now in Phnom Phen, the capitol city of Cambodia.
The very attractive and helpful young woman who was our bus conductor / commentator gave us a talk about what we were looking at as we were driven to our destination. Firstly, she spoke in her Cambodian language then she translated this into English. It was meant to be informative but unfortunately we didn't understand a word !
She was so sweet and had the loveliest smile, how could we possibly complain.

Sunset at the Foreign Correspondents Club ( FCC) in Phnom Pehn.
Famous events happened here during the Vietnam war.


Rose & Warren said...

Haven't been able to work out how to "make a comment" until this morning! Andy is down staying with us for a few days and he told me what to do - I am such a dumbie! Your holiday looks great and we are SO enjoying the photos and the descriptions! Love & hugs, Rosemaru\y.

Rose & Warren said...

At last I know how to leave a comment! Andy is down for a few days and has told me what to do. I am such a dummie!
Love all the photos and descriptions - we almost feel we are there.
Love & hugs, Rosemary