Sunday, November 15, 2009

Kep is a lovely quiet town

After an arduous mini bus trip from PP we are now in the lovely sea side town of Kep, renowned for it's sea food, quietness, sunsets over the South China Sea and famous for Pepper trees.
We have had a few meals utilising the fresh peppers seeds, the squid fried with peppers was yummy last night here where we are staying at the Beach House Hotel with lovely views.
We had a bit of trouble getting a room in this town, there seems to be a shortage. Tomorrow we have to move to The Malibu Resort, (a most peculiar name for a town in Cambodia) which we looked at yesterday and it looks fabulous with a most superb looking pool in a quiet rural setting (cows, rice etc).
This town is also infamous.... known as the ghost town, where the Khmer Rouge killed many people and destroyed a once popular resort town which thrived in the thirties where the French colonialists built villas for their holidays. There are many ruins about town of the large villas that I have photographed.
Kep also boasts a Crab Market not far from our hotel where there are some popular restaurants which we will try out.

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